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A podcast exploring the fifty states with the five senses of perception hosted by Chicago comedians Tim Ferrari, Anthony Rossi, and Stuart Hicar.

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Jul 14, 2020

Déjà Vu? How about Déjà BOO?!?!

While we're still working our way through our hiatus and figuring out our next moves we thought it was time to dig into the vault and release all of the episodes that were recorded at the beginning of the summer. 

And so we start here: The Cryptid Showdown! An informative and bone chilling look at the mythical monsters and creepy creatures from all across the country. We're joined by actor, comedian, and sweet friend Nick Castellanos to determine which local legend will be take home the Cryptid Crown. 

Yeah, we released this episode previously, but since it's a series we thought it was important to run the full series at once to keep the heat of the competition alive! Additionally, some of the references, plugs, or jokes may be dated due to the delayed release. But it's a lot of stupid fun! Come along for the ride!