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A podcast exploring the fifty states with the five senses of perception hosted by Chicago comedians Tim Ferrari, Anthony Rossi, and Stuart Hicar.

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Jan 28, 2020


This week the Statesmen are joined by the hosts of Girls Like Us (Sophie Krueger & Frannie Comstock) to discuss the benefits of private schooling, before debating the states to find the perfect educational institution for their very own daughter! 

This one can't be missed... sort of...

Jan 21, 2020

Now THIS is podcasting. Haha, that's funny! You guys seen the Phantom Menace? Well this episode is way better than any Star War you've ever witnessed, I promise you that. 

This week, the boys are outside of their natural habitat, recording LIVE from a Wisconsin hotel room. We talk everything from cheese, to bees, to...

Jan 14, 2020

No one makes the joke O Hello I don't think. Maybe because Chicago comedian Morgan Csejtey forced us to make only good jokes as we explored Ohio with our five nodes.

Jan 7, 2020

This week the statesmen gets their Gab on with Gabbi Boyd! We talk all things Indiana on this exciting season 2 premier!

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