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A podcast exploring the fifty states with the five senses of perception hosted by Chicago comedians Tim Ferrari, Anthony Rossi, and Stuart Hicar.

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Feb 23, 2021

This week is the inaugural episode of a new and weird format for the Statesmen. Don't be scared by a podcast concept where white guys talk about old movies! INSANE! REVOLUTIONARY! BRAVE!

Jokes aside, we had a lot of fun with this new format, and we're affectionately calling it: States on Screen! (or S.O.S. for short.)

In this episode we'll examine the 2002 romantic comedy Sweet Home Alabama, starring the perky chipmunk herself, Reese Witherspoon. Does this film do a good job at representing The Cotton State? Well it's about as casually racist as that official state nickname, so don't be surprised when we rip on this tone-deaf flick. 

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